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My newest podcast is now live. Don’t Turn Around explore the paranormal and the human experience.  Ghosts, UFOs, Cryptids, Witchcraft, and Psychic Phenomenon–not topic is too taboo.  Find Don’t Turn Around HERE.

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2020 marks my 15th year creating podcasts. What started with a simple idea to podcast about writing became an amazing and at times humbling journey that has generated over a million downloaded episodes, two Amazon best-selling novels, and hundreds of hours of content. In addition to Patreon (more information below), I’m back to offering some of my work without a subscription required. In 2021, I will be launching my new podcast–Don’t Turn Around: stories of the paranormal and the human experience.

Why Partreon? Patreon is an important piece of the puzzle. I use Patreon to support most of my new work.  The subscription model has enabled me to devote the time, effort, and resources to creating the innovative podcasts experiences that I have come to be known for. On Patreon you can find my latest audiobooks, short-fiction, Behind the Podcast episodes, production videos, original soundtracks, and flash fiction–this is just the short list.


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