I’m struggling a little bit here. It is hard to believe that the Summer is winding down. I feel like I was just beginning to plan out my gig schedule. Days were getting warmer and longer. I was standing at the edge of a magical season full of burgeoning opportunities. Pool time with the family, outdoor shows, and sunset runs.  And then I blinked and now here I am–school is about to start up again soon, the weather will be getting cooler (I’m ready for this), and the days are beginning to grow noticeably shorter.  I can sense fall in the air, barely–but it’s there.  I feel like I’ve been in a time warp with the clock running accelerated since Memorial Day.  The shows have been plentiful and  I’m glad to say I played some dates that were truly inspired.  They all can’t be good, however. I was met with my fair share of technical difficulties, absurd weather, strange audiences, and the occasional uncomfortable situation.  The bad is just a part of it as the good. I kept my head down a fought through the worst of it. I’m a professional and when I show up to perform I know I’ve got a job to do and will always do my best no matter what I’m up against.

…even if I’m midway through my first set and some guy appears at the venue, sets up a speaker and PA outside, and proceeds to play Jack Johnson covers to twenty-somethings for the rest of the night, I will always play hard, giving out 100%  for a smaller audience.  That’s life.

But let’s face it, it’s the good that get’s you through weird things like the aforementioned sideshow. The good (or rather great) this season included 868 Estates Vineyards:  this place was top notch. The staff was fantastic and really made me feel appreciated.   I loved that this spot was family friendly, too.  It’s a rare treat to be able to do a daytime show and play for my whole family.  868 is a beautiful spot and I highly recommend paying them a visit.


I also had the opportunity to play at the DNV Rootop Lounge, a swanky rooftop bar above (on top of?) the Donovan Hotel in downtown Washington, DC. It was just so cool (Thank you, Ted Garber for help on that one).  And yeah, I was really tempted to play a little Where the Streets Have No Name.  Their season is closing soon, but I hope to make an appearance there next time around.


Monks BBQ is new to my rotation and I’m really loving playing there.  Parallel Wine and Whiskey along with the Ragtime Cafe continue to take good care of me and keep me coming back. I’ll be adding some new spots into the mix this Fall.  This Summer, I crossed paths with many interesting characters.  I added about 20 new songs to the rotation. I had some great conversations about music and played some new spots that show real promise.  I learned a lot, performance-wise, business-wise, and a lot in between.  Hard work and sacrifice will always get you to your goals.  Sometimes…scratch that…most times, you’ve got to be willing to play the long game.I’m heading into the Fall season with a lot of focus and I’m looking forward to doing some big things and to continue to grow this little business of mine.

Want to know where to catch a performance? Visit the performances page. Want to book me? Contact me for details.

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